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Making college education affordable and attainable through Impact Investment

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We understand the challenges an international student
faces when comes to pay for their college in the USA
Low Fixed APR (%)

Lower interest rate. We promise to cut your interest cost of debt by at least 20%. Our APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is fixed throughout the payment terms. No surprises.

Zero Collateral

No Collateral. No need to worry about putting collateral for your loan. All our loans do not need any collateral or co-signer. We believe in you.

Fast Approval

Quick approval and easy application process.

Alumni Supported

We are trying to disrupt the traditional loan process through peer-to-peer lending platform involving school alumni.

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Refinance with VestEdu, you can easily save 20% on interest payment.

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Thinking of refinancing your high APR Student loan? We can help you to save at least 20% on the interest cost of the loan.

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Why us? Our Advantages

Focused Risk Pool

By focusing on higher education, we are essentially creating a very focused risk pool, MBA from tier 1,2 &3 schools, MS in Finance & MS in STEM; Smart people make smart choices and we believe in them.

Alumni based funding

Beside the institutional investors, we link Alumni from the respective schools to be the investors. We create opportunity for our investors to earn risk adjusted return, invest in smart people and give back to community.

Mentoring & Coaching

We pledge to stand by the students and help them to be successful in life (through our partnerships with mentoring and coaching platforms) and this way we plan to reduce the investment risks for our investors.

Purpose driven

Our goal is to provide a frictionless experience and be part of their success. We are confident once loans are paid off, most of our borrowers will become investors.

Impact Investing for Higher Education

Impact Investing

As an investor, you will… Earn better risk-adjusted return compared to money market rate, invest in smart people & give back to the community.

Our key impact goal is to improve financial accessability & affoardability for aspiring students who are underserved today.

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* According to McKinsey & Company, Impact investing is “directing capital to enterprises that generates social & environmental benefits”
1 Million/Year

International Students

500,000 Borrows

To Fund Their Education

20,000 $/Year

Average Loan

10 Billion $/Year

Market Size

Refinancing 101: International Student Loans

As federal student loans are only available for US citizens and residents, there are not many options for an international student. Hence, most of them take the private loans either from the lending institutions (through schools) or banks from their home countries.

For Indian students studing in the US, most of them take student loans from Indian banks and interest rates are quiet high. If you have borrowed loans at variable rate or at very high rates, I would definitely recommend to take a look at options offered by Vestedu.

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* The above calculations are for estimates only. Your actual monthly payment amounts, interest rate, and payment schedule may vary from the results shown which will depend on the final evaluation of your application.

See what our Customers say about us?

“I refinanced my education loan through VestEdu and received a 3% reduction in interest rate. The service was smooth. I received the approval and the disbursement within a week. This reduction in the interest rate will result in significant savings for me.”

Ayan Halder,

Product Manager, MBA

"As an international student in US, after my graduation while shopping for refinancing options I came accross VestEdu, which was refinancing education loans of people like me - it didn't require a co-signer, had no clauses of US citizenship or permanent residency and with a low fixed APR.
Refinancing process turned out easy and quick. You also get all the documentation - agreement, tax docs, etc - as you would get from any other financial institution. Repayment is online and no hassle. Within next year I took another loan from Vestedu for my wife's education. We paid off one of our loans so far & experience has been nothing but awesome.
If you have borrowed loans at variable rate or at very high rates, I would definitely recommend to take a look at options offered by Vestedu."

Sagar Chhajed,

Product Manager, MBA

“I am very thankful to VestEdu, Inc. for helping me refinance my education loan. I was able to reduce my interest rate by 4%. Prakash is great to work with and made the entire process very seamless for me. Highly recommended to anyone looking to refinance their education loan originated from India. Great vision and mission behind this initiative.”

Arshad Hashmi,

Pricing Analyst, FedEx Services
MBA, MS - The University of Texas at Dallas

“I recently got my education loan refinanced through VestEdu and saved about 5% in APR. Their process is simple and they don't need any extensive paperwork. They believe in the candidate's potential and not the collateral. It's a great model for both students and investors. I recommend everyone with an education loan to use VestEdu's services and wish them growth and success!”

Phanindra Thadakamadla,

Strategy Manager, Fiserv
MBA, Indiana University - Kelley School of Business